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What is the best Olympic weight set?

If you are serious about weightlifting at home like I am, obtaining the best olympic weight set is an essential key element to help accomplish current and future fitness goals.

An official and properly built Olympic weight set can allow certain settings of adjustment for an individual fitness level, have access to a full body workout within your own house, and allow you to target certain areas of your body for maximum performance, among other benefits.

By having a properly constructed weight set on hand you can simulate the development of strength and muscle endurance and memory for personal fitness challenges.

Therefore, below is some necessary and critical information that I put together on the Best Olympic weight sets that are available in the market today to help make a decision less stressful.

How To Choose The Best Olympic Weight Set for you

One of the primary concerns when looking for an appropriate weight set for my needs was; how can I choose the best one fit my style of fitness?

I was aware that there was a lot affordable and decent manufactured weight sets or the market, but I was also seeking out find the proper expansion for my training arsenal that was versatile for my personal fitness goals and work out sessions.

If you are not aware of the differences of an Olympic weight set and a standard weight set, you can read an article on Livestrong that can clarify the difference.

In addition, I also came across when were the three main categories that I needed to compare each weight set to determine which one will be ideal for me.

Business Insider talks about going to a gym being more expensive and also overly populated.

They explain that by staying true to a time frame of working-out is a dedication and time obligation that is required for you to stay on top.

However, by incorporating it into your home, you can set the timing yourself, and if something o comes up that alters the time, you have the ability to change your workout time to fit your scheduling at home instead of making sure you are at the gym at a certain time of the day.

Therefore, obtaining a properly manufactured Olympic weight set was essential for my style of training and determination to reach my fitness goals.

The three categories that I used to choose the best Olympic weight sets were resilience, tolerance, and material. By using the three categories, it helped me determine which one was best for my personal goals.

Things to Look For And Attributes That Differentiate The Products

There were many things that I needed to look for based on attributes of the multiple products available for an Olympic weight set that I needed to consider before making my ultimate decision on which one to choose.

I decided to use the three categories on resilience, tolerance, and material, to ultimately make my decision for the attributes of each weight set. Science for Sports discusses some influential points about weight lifting.

They voice that strength and preparation of training is encouraged by not only students, professionals, but also an individual who desires to be a better person. Based off of their discoveries, the resemblances between you and the professionals, its time management, which you can incorporate at your home with the same exercises and training.

Regarding resilience, most of the weight sets are made of decent and strong materials like cast-iron that do not break from regular usage or damage over time. However, occasionally some of the materials that weight sets are made from can crack after being dropped or consistent movement.

Since I planned on using the Olympic weight set in my own home I wasn't planning on moving them often so considering the resilience and durability of investing in a solid weight set was a priority because it could extend the ability of use for my own personal workout plan.

When it came to tolerance, finding an accurate weight set that was balanced with a 0 to 2% tolerance level was more on my personal plan. However, if you're not training for any particular lifting competition then anything below a 4% tolerance level will be more ideal for your goals.

I do have an understanding that by getting an imbalanced weight set could lead to effective and dangerous results through a workout and through the aftermath of the workout.

Lastly, the material of the weight sets had to be determined for heightened protection and the best value. I came to the understanding that most of the weight sets are made of cast-iron but there are also urethane rubber coated plates that can give extra shall protection, but they can be more expensive.

squats with olympic weights
A good barbell and weight plates is the core to any home gym.

What Are The Advantages Or Benefits Of Olympic Weight Sets?

The advantages and benefits of obtaining an Olympic weight set cannot only help you increase your precision week training but also can budget plan.

By getting the best Olympic weight set that fits your personal fitness goals based off of resilience, tolerance, and material, you can obtain a stronger strength training and safety through every workout that is performed in your own home.

Forbes shares that by studying how to focus on the biochemistry that we have as individuals, we can consistently stay in shape and enhance our health short and long term through endurance training, no matter what age bracket you fall under.

They mention that by lifting weights is a great regime to start to get your training on a focused training method that relates to your own body and by doing so you can increase your health and perspective on your body.

you can obtain a stronger strength training and safety through every workout that is performed in your own home. Forbes shares that by studying how to focus on the biochemistry that we have as individuals, we can consistently stay in shape and enhance our health short and long term through endurance training, no matter what age bracket you fall under.

They mention that by lifting weights is a great regime to start to get your training on a focused training method that relates to your own body and by doing so you can increase your health and perspective on your body.

What's The Best Way To Use An Olympic Weight Set?

Weightlifting has been around for many years and has helped sports trainers and personal trainers increase their spirit and strength through proper training one of the questions that I came across was; how could I use an old equates set in the proper fashion?

Wikipedia is a great resource for understanding what it takes to be dedicated and focused on your weight training. It helps give everyone the insights on what to look for when looking into weight lifting and how it is used to be a benefit for your body over other types of training methods.

In order to get the most out of your training session, your weight set needs to be properly cleaned and assembled before use. Encyclopedia is a fantastic resource that gives the details of what a bodybuilder is and does to accomplish their goals in the fitness realm.

They are not the only ones who can be better prepared to train safely and accurately, as they rely on different types of training, that you can also put into your own routine.

Therefore, I needed to fully understand every aspect of weight lifting prior to choosing a set for my home. When I came across a YouTube channel that gave me insights to clean any weights that became rusty over time, I learned how to maximize on my own weight set.

There are also other considerations based off of how to use Olympic weight set in a professional manner in your own home, therefore, what I did was research different professionals and trainers in the industry, and investigating how they use the system in a safe and appropriate manner that I installed in my own work out at home.

Prerequisites or Precautions For Using An Olympic Weight Set

Understanding safety is one of the most important and key objectives of any person's workout session. If you don't have the proper safety precautions and prerequisites in mind when you begin your training you could damage yourself instantly and could overall hurt your ability to work out in the future.

I wanted to make sure that every moment I used my equipment, which it was in the proper form that a professional used while they were in the gym because I was going to be working out in the comfort of my own home. An article and video on Men's Health gave proper information on how to use in my home that the professionals do in a gym.

A doctor names B.J. Gaddour shows thousands of people how they can use a bar with weight training to get a full-body workout that has unique and simple forms to follow for weight lifting.

WebMD is a great source to use if you question anything for your health while training. They describe that warming up is also not only a key element to being better prepared for your workout, but also to give you the ability to heal faster and stay healthier.

Therefore, if you're looking to get safer and proper fitness training at home, using your Olympic weight set with safety in mind is essential for your overall work out and accomplishing your fitness goals.

The Best 5 Olympic Weight Sets

Body-Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Sets

Body-Solid Olympic weights 300-500lbs options

This weight set is built primarily around performance and durability. The resilience is intact with capabilities to not crack over time and it has the latest technology of a full-on rubber grip to make the workout easier. This was a fantastic find that I came across that gave me features of safety and performance all in one.

It holds up great on concrete and can give you the ability to interchange the bars. In addition, the weight set has a good knurling effect that is decent but could have been a little more forceful. The set was a complete addition that included the right tolerance, resilience, and material that I was seeking.


  • Easy To Assemble and To Grab Onto Each Weight Disk
  • Rubber Coating Is Thinner Than Other Products Available
  • Made With High-Quality Resilience That Is Perfect For Any Home Gym and Weightlifter Enthusiast


  • The Rubber Had A Strong Smell That Wore Out Overtime But Could Be A Little Overwhelming For Some People
  • The Set Is On the Pricier Side; However, the Sets Value Was Well Worth the Purchase.

Body-Solid Olympic Weights are a Solid Choice

Body Solid does a good job at making weight affordable and durable. There are a lot of reviews out there from satisfied users. This set is a solid choice for any home gym. This is a great fit for anyone who is looking for equipment that will last.

Check them out here on Amazon

Serious Steel Fitness USA Sports 300LB Olympic Weight Set

This weight set is made by Troy Barbell, who has been in the fitness industry for many years and understands how weightlifters think. It is a more cost-effective choice on the market and offers an entire weight lifting set that is complete for your home gym. In addition, it comes with a solid warranty to give each person a fail-safe feature. When it is sent to your home, it is packaged nicely and the set is in perfect condition.

If you are looking for a simple product to get you started in weightlifting, then this would be the ideal choice, as it comes with everything you need to get started.

The bar that is included has the ability to not tip over when adding the weights to the end because it rotates the weights self-sufficiently. Overall the dependability and tolerance of the set were phenomenal.


  • Weight Set Is Ideal For A Self Starter
  • The Grip on the Barbell Is Great For Any Sized Hands
  • Made By a Company That Has Experience and Full Knowledge on the Weight Training Industry


  • You, Will, Need To Be Cautioned When Dealing With the Weights, Possibly Considering Getting a Weight Tree to Help With Assembly
  • Occasional Bar Tilt Because Of the Spacing of the Weights

Serious Steel Olympic Weights In Summary

The Serious Steel weight set does not come in a rubber coated option. That's not a big deal unless you don't like clanging sounds when swapping plates.

These are best suited to gyms that have solid flooring (concrete and or rubberized.

Checkout the Serious Steel Olypic Weights on Amazon

Gold's Gym 300 lb Olympic Barbell Weight Set

The Budget Friendly Pick

I decided to seek out an Olympic weight set that could handle 300lbs and this set was one of the best picks that I found. The set is made with solid cast iron and includes a base set for a starter kit for my home gym. It was the perfect choice to begin my personal regime into weightlifting as it was capable of the full 300lbs.

It gave me the ability to advance my way up with simple adjustments and multiple combinations of uses. The material and resilience of the set was a perfect fit for the beginning stages of weight training.


  • Optional Combinations That Were Easily Moved For Transition
  • Made With a Sturdy Cast Iron
  • Gave Me the Ability to Advance in Training with Ease and Adjustments


  • The Weights Need To Be Cleaned Often To Prevent Rusting
  • Set May Be Shipped In Multiple Boxes

Gold's Gym Olypmic Weight Sets

The Gold's Gym olympic weight set typically comes in at a fair price point making it a good choice for those of us on a budget.

Check Amazon here

XMark Lumberjack 7′ Olympic Bar and Optional TRI-Grip Olympic Weight Plate Sets

Nice fit and finish. My favorite of the 5.

This was another amazing discovery when it came to my search of weightlifting sets. It was built to last and uphold performance. It included dual semi-aggressive knurling marks that made it easy to handle and maneuver around. It felt great when it was in use and it is made with cast iron and chrome sleeves.

The set was simple to install and use when I advanced in my weightlifting training. In addition to the exceptional materials that were used, the weights also had a rubber casting that covered each individual plate to uphold the strength of the entire system.


  • Remarkably Manufactured Set That Held Every Detail Provided To Perfection
  • Gave Me the Ability to Use a Dual Knurling Mark For Stronger Grip
  • The Set Is Tough, But an Ideal Set For Beginners and Intermediate Users and It Upholds Performance Over Other Sets


  • There Were No Collars Included

XMark Lumberjack Weight Sets Are Spot On

This weight set is an excellent choice to any home or garage gym. This is my pick of the five. Picking-up your own locking collars is not a deal killer from my point of view.

The XMark Lumberjack's can be found here.

CAP Barbell Olympic Weight Plates Sets

Excellent budget friendly choice

This set was the best budget-friendly option that I found that upheld not only performance but also tolerance and material. In addition to its full set, the plates can be ordered with or without a rubber coating. In my experience, I personally like rubber coatings because they last longer and are more reliable.

It can handle up to a 500lb weighting capacity and is also made with strong cast iron. Each plate can be easily identified with the raided numbers on the sides. Overall this set was easily stored and was ideal for a cost-effective choice on the market.


  • Interchangeable Weights That Were Easily Identified For Adjustments
  • Use Up To a 500lb Capacity, and It Is Recognized With Renown Company Called CAP
  • You Can Order the Plates With or Without Rubber Coatings


  • The Weights Are Not Always a Perfect Fit and there can be a bit more play between the weight and bar than most sets.
  • This Set Was Made budget friendly and lacks a higher quality feel. But it still upholds strong resilience, dependability, and ideal material components for beginners.

Cap Barbell Is Good On Value

CAP Barbell has a long history in the world of weight lifting and their products are always budget friendly and do the job just fine.

You can pick-up a set of Cap Barbell Olympic weights on Amazon here.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best Olympic weight sets mentioned all encompassed the details that I was seeking for my personal style of weight training. I would recommend the XMark or the Body-Solid weight set for those who are seeking a full set that is reliable resilient.

However, if you are looking for a more cost-effective choice, than the CAP Barbell or the Gold's Gym set would be a more optimal choice. Serious Steel is a good choice for those seeking a self-starter that has a warranty. All the products are exceptional with safety in mind, and they are simple to use and adjust.

In addition, they all are well defined with the materials they are made with and can allow beginners to intermediate users to gain advancement and strength when the sets are in use.

Before embarking on a final choice, determine if you want to gain a set that is fully built with safety and professionalism, like I did, for your own home gym prior to making your final choice. Therefore, take the time now to see what one will fit your fitness training goals, as they have done wonders for me and you will not regret your decision.

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