does metabolic renewal work

Does metabolic renewal work In 2020?

Metabolic renewal review – All or nothing

No time to read through? The program is well worth a look and has helped many achieve their weight loss goals fast. You can secure a highly discounted copy through my link here: click here to get your discount.

Does Metabolic Renewal work? What is it, exactly? How does it work, if it does? How long before I'd see results? I had to find out for myself if this metabolism boosting program designed for women delivers on it's promise to lose weight.

How many hundreds of diet and exercise programs are out there? It seems like a few dozen new ones pop up every week. Most of them promise that they focus on what every other program ignores.

I've tried so many of them that I've lost track of the time and money I've lost forever.

When I first seen this program called Metabolic Renewal, I was skeptical. I've seen supplements, diets, exercise DVDs and gadgets that promise they will reset my metabolism so I can lose weight while watching t.v.

I've taken countless supplements and watched untold hours of t.v. Somehow, I'm still not in perfect physical shape.

I almost dismissed it without another thought. But then the name Dr Jade Teta caught my attention. He developed Metabolic Prime and other popular metabolism-based programs. This guy is the real deal. He's an expert in nutrition, fitness and psychology.

But it takes more than a name to convince me, even if that name belongs to such an impressive women's health guru.

I answered these questions and about a million more by examining the entire program. Now, let's get into this Metabolic Renewal review with a full break down.

Things To Consider Before Starting A Diet And Exercise Program

A program like this is designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, increase stamina, and make continuing healthy choices.

That may seem like a no-brainer, but those four benefits aren't the end. They are the means to continuing life in good health.

Perhaps you've dieted to try to lose weight before. It probably didn't work. Maybe you tried an intense exercise regimen. Your results were probably mediocre.

The problem with crash diets and crazy-intense exercise programs is that they're an attack on your body. They stress your body so badly that it instinctively wants to store up more fat.

Most diets and workout routines ignore the fact that the body generally doesn't burn fat for energy unless it feels like it has to. Your metabolism has to be tweaked, or all the healthy meals and physical activity in the world will be pointless.

You can find success with this kind of metabolism-enhancing program if diet and exercise has not helped you shed pounds or fat.

If you feel sluggish and unmotivated, or even depressed, when faced with tasks that require physical effort, you can benefit from a good metabolic makeover.

You may want to talk to your doctor before transforming your metabolism, especially if you're diabetic.

Here's What It Is And What It Promises

This 4-phase metabolism enhancement program claims to overhaul a woman's metabolism to promote weight loss, muscle tone and improve her overall sense of well-being in 12 weeks.

I'm on board so far.

Note: Links on this website lead to discounts for Metabolic Renewal. Be sure to secure your discount by clicking one of our links check them out by clicking here.

It supposedly works by combining a low-carb diet with a special exercise regimen that is synced with each individual woman's hormone cycle.

I wouldn't call it an exercise plan, because it only involves about 45 minutes of exercise per week.

It's not really a diet either, because the results don't depend solely on a specific dietary plan.

It's similar to other metabolism-based health plans created by Dr Jade Teta, like Metabolic Prime and Metabolic Aftershock, but this one has been specially developed for women.

Dr. Jade Teta
Dr. Jade Teta. Creator of Metabolic Renewal.

Sorry guys, this one isn't for you. It won't work with your hormones.

Purchase includes membership in the online program, which includes all of the workouts on video, and a secret Facebook support group. Everything is online.

The membership also comes with a progress tracker and nutrition guide, to name a couple of the useful tools you get.

I'll get into much more detail about what you get in the next section, which outlines all of the features and benefits.

The Program In Breadth And Depth

I like to know what I'm getting into before I jump.

I'm not going to give you a gilded overview. I'm going to get into details that no other website can, because no other site has been able to get as good a look inside as I have.

The Metabolic Renewal Quiz

This is the starting point.

The purpose of this multi-choice questionnaire is to determine your hormone type. I'm a type 1.

Yes, it gets pretty personal. Expect to answer questions about how regular your menstrual cycle is, what your most common PMS symptoms are, what kind of flow you have or when you entered menopause. Take your time and be as accurate as possible. Your hormone type determines the details of your personal program.

Other questions, which are just as important for program customization, are about your expectations. You'll specify how much weight you want to lose, how quickly you want see results and so on.

As soon as you complete the Metabolic Renewal Quiz, you'll be given an opportunity to watch a short video about the program. Watch it. At the end, you'll get a discount code for a program personalized for you according to the results of your quiz.

You can take the Metabolic Renewal Quiz here if you like. It takes just a couple of minutes. The Renewal website presents you with this at the end of their page. Discounts also apply at the end of the Quiz should you decide this program is a fit for you.

Watch The Welcome Video

I was sceptical about how Dr Teta, this big manly guy, could be an expert on women's health.

In this video, he explains how he became so knowledgeable on the subject. I'm not easily taken in by smooth talkers. Well, Teta isn't a smooth talker. He comes across as sincere and genuinely caring.

metabolic renewal introduction video
The metabolic renewal introduction video gets you started on the right foot. Follow through this first.

Start With The Quick Start Guide

This short guide gives you a bit of a head start. I like that because I'm the type of person who likes to get started right away.

This isn't something you'll download, skim through once and never think about again. It's a reference that you'll go back to once in a while.

metabolic renewal quick start guide
The Quick Start Guide gets you into the workouts with no fuss.

The Diet

There are no strict calorie and fat restrictions. You must, however, really watch your carb intake. This is especially crucial during the beginning.

The reason behind this is simple. When carbs aren't burned as energy right away, they turn into fat. This is true of both simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs, like sugars and starches, should be avoided as much as possible.

One of the great things about this program's diet is that it's OK to screw up sometimes. This isn't Atkins. In fact, your success doesn't totally hinge on avoiding certain foods. That's great, because I have to have real sugar in my coffee.

You're encouraged to eat lean, high-protein, low-fat food in moderation. But that's true of most diets.

You're not expected to starve. In fact, starving yourself only causes your body to panic, thinking that there's a food shortage or something, and store as much fat as possible.

So how do you know what to eat and what to avoid? It's simple. You follow your nutritional guide. It's customized for you, like everything else in the program, based off of your hormone type and other factors determined by your quiz.

metabolic renewal diet plan
The Metabolic renewal diet plan is a full nutrition plan that is easy to follow and not overly restricting.

A meal plan is included. You don't have to weigh anything unless you want to be really strict about it. I'm not going to weigh anything, except myself.

You actually don't even have to follow the Metabolic Renewal Meal Plan if you don't want to. Stick to your custom nutrition guide as much as possible, though.

I can't wait to try some of these recipes. I won't promise that your recipes will look as good as mine because I have no idea what kind of recipes will be in your meal plan. From what I'm seeing in mine, cooking skills aren't that crucial. You should be able to make awesome meals as long as you have at least a nodding acquaintance with your kitchen.

There aren't many vegetarian recipes in my plan. I'm not vegetarian, but you might be. If so, it wouldn't be horribly difficult to do some substitutions. These are mainly protein-based meals, so you can do egg in place of chicken and tofu instead of beef. Stock up on beans and lentils is you're vegan.

Take special care if you have diabetes. I'd definitely get with my doctor first if my blood sugar was hard to control.

One thing I really like about this meal plan is its inclusion of snacks and extra meals. That's not a typo. I said “extra meals.” They're not for everyone, but some women actually do better by having smaller, more frequent protein intakes.

The Workouts

You'll burn calories during the workouts, but that's not really the point of them.

The whole idea behind this program is you're going to reset your metabolism so your body burns its fuel more efficiently. The workouts train your body to burn fat and build muscle even while it's at rest.

You're not going to be jogging or running on a treadmill for an hour a day. To be honest, I couldn't do that if I had to.

Each phase has three basic workouts: A, B and C. Of course, these workouts are tailored to your hormone profile, body type and other particulars. There's also a “burnout,” which is like a five-minute all-out grand finale to the workout. After that, you take a walk to cool down.

Here's the thing that may surprise you. The actual exercise lasts only 15 minutes. If you want to go longer, you can. But you don't have to. The program is built around 15-minute bursts of activity performed three times per week.

Three times per week? Yeah, I had to double-check that. It's true. A short walk is necessary every day as well, but the steps you normally take throughout the day count. I'm going to get a good pedometer before I actually start the program.

metabolic renewal members area
The member's area has all the videos and instructions in one easy to navigate area. Videos are downloadable or can be streamed.

So you got three exercise days per week. What about your days off? You walk. How long you walk depends on your customized regimen, but it's going to be less than you'd think. The main point of walking is to preserve the changes made to your metabolism during the intense exercise on the other three days.

I did say intense. You don't pace yourself. You go as hard as you can for those 15 minutes. This is key. If you can't keep up with Dr Teta, that's fine. It doesn't look like I'll be able to match him either.

What if he's pushing you to do five reps, but you can only do three? That's fine. As long as you are pushing yourself to your limit, you're succeeding!

Now, your going to look at others in the secret Facebook group who are keeping up with Teta, and you may feel bad. Just wait. Everyone gets a to a point during this 12 weeks where they “hit the wall.” That's the point.

Now let's take a quick look at the four phases.

Phase 1: Weeks 1-3

All of your hormones are supposed to work together. They're probably not right now.

This phase brings all of your hormones back into balance and harmony. This is important because hormones have a direct impact on your metabolism.

As your hormones are getting back on track, you'll experience a surge in metabolism.

The exercise during this phase is meant to limber you up and condition you for the ever-increasing intensity of the exercise in the coming weeks.

Phase 2: Weeks 4-6

Now that you are in better condition and your metabolism is enhanced, it's time to teach your body's cells the difference between carbs and fat.

Notmally, you want simple energy, like sugar and startch when you're hungry. That's your body telling you it's out of fuel. You need a fix.

The nutrition and exercise in this phase enhances the hormones that tell your cells what to burn: fat or carbs.

You'll notice that you have more energy and a better mood sometime during these weeks. Your body chemistry is returning to its intended balance.

Phase 3: Weeks 7-9

By now, you're more energetic, in a better mood and able to push yourself much further in the workouts.

The big thing during this phase is weight loss. Your body is ready to burn fat like it hasn't in years or even decades.

When you took your quiz, you answered a specific question: What part of your body do you want to lose the most fat from? Your going to notice fat loss in this area first.

Phase 4: Weeks 10-12

Your metabolism is humming, you're confident, you're in much better shape physically and mentally and you are ready to ratchet up your human growth hormone levels.

HGH promotes lean muscle in women the same way that testosterone promotes bulky muscles in men. It's the final key that will see you through all of your weight-loss and fitness goals.

And Beyond…

You own the program. You still have access to all of your tools. If you haven't met your fitness goals, work through the program again. You'll be amazed at how much easier and more enjoyable the workouts are the second time around.

If you've met your goals, continue your sensible diet and moderate exercise regimen. If you need to jump back on the program, go ahead and do it again.

The Metabolic Roadmap

This book goes into all the details about how hormones affect your weight, body mass index, general firmness and state of mind. It's included with the lrogram, of course, but the audio version does cost a little extra.

I like to learn about stuff as I do it. If I'm going to revamp my metabolism through hormonal pathways, I'd love to see how it works!

Your Female Transformation Tracker

Every week, you track your progress. Then it's always there to inspire and motivate you. What a great way to build confidence and self-esteem!

Two unique parameters are tracked before your eyes: hormonal balance and body shape. You can share your progress in the Facebook group to.inspire others, if you want to.

Here's The Online Chatter

I picked-up some tweets from people who have followed the Metabolic Renewal program. The only complaint I found is that there are some up-sells.

This is true, but they are not a necessity. The version I display here is the program without options or up-sell addons. If something peaks your interest go for it. If not, no loss.

Patricia Stephens metabolic renewal user review

Patricia Stephens sums up the exercise pretty well.

Julie Clark metabolic renewal user review

Julie Clark loves the treats on her meal plan. I like mine too!

Elise Limage Metabolic Renewal user review

Keep jumping, Elsie. It's feel-good exercise!

Similar Programs

Oddly enough, all metabolism enhancement programs I could find that seem worthwhile have also been pioneered by Dr Teta.

Let's check a few out.

Metabolic Prime vs. renewal

This one is geared mostly toward men, but it'll work for women too. Hormones do not factor into each individual routine. The program is broken down into four phases, with each one becoming more intense.

This isn't for anyone who can't stick to a strict diet.

Here's some key differences between Prime and Renewal:

Metabolic Prime:

No snacking on this strict diet
Female hormonal cycle isn't a factor
Geared more toward revving metabolism and building muscle

Metabolic Renewal:

Not a very strict diet; Snacks are OK
Hormonal cycle plays a key role in building the personalized program
Geared toward balancing metabolism and building lean muscle

Metabolic Aftershock vs renewal

This is a nine-week program, split into three phases, that quickly jacks up your metabolism.

It focuses on one type of hormone, catecholamines. They are present in men and women and signal the body to burn fat. The exercises are intense, but much like Renewal, you aren't expected to push yourself beyond your limits.

This is more for people who want quick results. Renewal is better for women, in my opinion, because it works with our hormones.

Here are the differences between Aftershock and Renewal:

Metabolic Aftershock:

Three phases, nine weeks
Focuses on one set of gas-burning hormones
Scant nutritional guidance

Metabolic Renewal:

Four phases, twelve weeks
Integrates many female hormones into the program formulation
Fairly detailed nutritional guidelines

Metabolic Meals For Life

This isn't a program. It's a book full of information on how to boost your metabolism and recipes to help you prepare some awesome gas-burning meals.

If you do any program here, especially Renewal, you'll love this book. You'll use it for years to help keep your metabolism up and the fat off.

This book is good for anyone who wants to lose weight, get into shape and stay healthy.

Metabolic Renewal – My Final Take

I hope you've found my Metabolic Renewal review to be helpful and informative. This program combines a sensible low-carb diet and scientifically formulated exercise routine with what amounts to non-invasive, gentle female hormone re-balancing. There's nothing else like it.

It's time to get fit and healthy. Are you with me? If so, click here, pick-up your discounted copy and give it a go. Be sure to come back here and leave a comment so others can hear about your experience too!

37 thoughts on “Does metabolic renewal work In 2020?”

  1. How much does the program cost i am watching your video on facebook and it says $37 plus S&H, is this a one off payment or is that per month ?

    Thank you Glynis

    1. Hi Glynis,

      I don’t actually own the product myself, but they do run discounts quite often if you check it out. The producer charges a one-time fee. You get access to their online videos, guidebooks to download (and print if you like). The videos can also be saved to your computer so that you can view them offline if needed. Thery also give you the option to get DvD versions.

      Good luck out there.

      Let me know if I can answer any other questions. I am always glad to help.

    2. It’s a $37 one off payment, but they won’t ship outside of USA. You have to choose online only if you live anywhere else as I just found out.

  2. Veronica Mcdonald

    I`Veronica just ordered everything offered. I need to down load my items and can`t seem to find the page. What do I do?

    1. Hi there Veronica,

      I hope that you are enjoying the program. it’s a lot of fun. You don’t have to download the items if you don’t want to. The videos can all be played in your web browser. But, I’m a downloader myself. If you look at the home page in your dashboard, you will see a number of tabs begining with “start here” on the left and ending with “downloads help” on the far right.

      Click on the downloads help tab and you will see instructions on how to download for your browser or device like ipad, iphone etc. They recommend that you use Chrome as your browser, but Explorer, Firefox and Safari all work just as well.

      So just click the instructions for your browser or device and you will be presented with the steps to take to download the videos.

      Books/Guides are found under the Bonuses tab. Just click the download button and it will start automatically.

      You will need Adobe PDF reader to view any of the documents you download.

      If for some reason none of that workouts out, there is a live chat, phone number and email in the same help section. I have found that they respond pretty quickly to the live chat during their normal business hours.

      But they can be contacted here too: [email protected]

      Good luck! Hopefully this helps.

  3. Hi Tina,

    “None” was a typo. It’s Nine weeks. Sorry about that! Good catch too =)


  4. I started the quiz but couldn’t get past the second question about menstrual periods bc I had a partial hysterectomy years ago due to a mass and before that an ablation bc my period randomly went haywire. There is no advice for unique situations. If I go back before all this I was fine, no problems, loved my body and my life. Even after my surgery I was great. This all happened about a year later and then 6 months after my body did this 180 degree turn, I was diagnosis with lupus. So there is no help for folks with autoimmune….
    Oh well, good for the normal ppl I guess.

    1. Hi Robin,

      It really takes a lot to let people know how you are feeling and to share your circumstances. I am glad you were able to share here with us an other blog readers. I sincerely wish you the best in everything you do.

    2. Hi Robin – your comments above are as if I have written them for you. They reflect my journey through menopausal life exactly. I have Sjogrens Syndrome (query lupus) and also had ablation followed by a partial hysterectomy. I tried the Joe Wicks 90 day plan but ended up hurting my back in week 2 of cycle 1 so had to give up. I’m desperate to get my 30 something physic back but at the young age of 52 I’m beginning to reside myself to the fact that I will have an apple silhouette. Good luck and stay safe x

    3. You should still be able to answer the questions – I had a fibroid ablation and a whole host of other uterine issues, and I was able to answer everything about myself as I am today. Answer what most closely relates to your situation.

  5. Hello Jeff,
    The shakes that are shown in the suggested daily plan, is that an up-sale product? Is there a recipe to make your own or is it a powder protein?
    Thanks, Sally

    1. Hey Sally,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. The shakes are in their nutrition part of the basic program. The basic program really complete and upsells are not needed. The added items are complimentary, but given that the basic program doesn’t require an upsell, its really nice.

      It kills me when I buy something and you only get half of it. Not with Renewal though.

  6. I read in the write up that hormonal type changes over time. If someone buys the program now and she is Type #5, and maybe 6months later she becomes Type #7, will she be able to access the diet and excercises for that type sometime later after the package is bought?

    1. Hi yes you will be able to do that. It’s important to point out that the quiz and hormonal type answers are just a baseline and not a specific definition. As you progress through the program things will become more tailored.

  7. Hi Jeff. When you mention this: “The 12 week program is still in the works. We are close, but given that much of the content is reader provided, compiling the full course is taking longer than expected”, are you talking about posting the actual Metabolic Renewal program in more detail? If so, where will this information be? Sorry if I’m a bit confused.

    1. Hi there Cynthia,

      Thanks for asking. I am referring to a free 12 week workout program that we are putting together based on reader input. The Metabolic Renewal program is just a program that we reviewed here. We aren’t the creators of it. It’s a great course though.

    1. Hi Traci,

      The Metabolic Renewal program does not recommend Intermittent Fasting as part of the course. the program has it’s own plan (included) called “12 Week Metabolic Meals”. I’ve pasted the intro from the plan to give you an idea of what it’s about.

      Also – if you are just looking for a quick healthy meal plan, I’ve just posted a review of the 28 Day Keto Challenge. Check it out here: 28 Day Keto

      You can’t out-train a bad diet.” Truer words have seldom been spoken. Even if you exercise
      day and night, until you get the diet portion of the equation right, it’s unlikely that you
      will achieve your health and fat loss goals.

      In this guide, I have provided you tools and tips to create a meal plan that works for you. You will
      learn how to “roll your own” meals that will renew your metabolism. You will discover mouthwatering
      recipes, like Almond Butter Chicken and Savory Steak with Mushrooms, that will please your taste
      buds as much they do your waistline.

      I have added daily meal plans, shopping lists, and steps you can take to alter the meal plans according
      to where you are in your life and in your cycle.

      But the number one most important lesson you can take from this guide—from this whole program,
      actually—is this…

      There is no one-size-fits-all diet, lifestyle, or exercise program. You need to become a metabolic detective
      and discover what works for you.

      To do that, use this book as a guide and follow the AIM protocol outlined in chapter 7 of Metabolic
      Renewal. Measure your results, pay attention to your SHMEC, and adjust and adapt as needed.
      The real key to sustained fat loss and long-term health is to find out what works for YOU. So don’t
      short-change this process.

      Let’s get started

    1. Hi there Molly,


      The article was posted by Jeff, but authored by me. We’ve fixed the Author contribution. In fact several of my posts were shown incorrectly. Thanks for pointing this out. It’s not easily viewable on the back end.

      Claudia V.


    2. I’m 67, have had a complete hysterectomy 35 years ago. I take no hormones. Basically went through menopause with the surgery. I have back issues that prevents numerous exercises and walking. I need help!!! My weight just keeps going up no matter what I do! I’m eating one meal a day. I’ve tried eating 3 meals but just gain more!!! Help!!!!

      1. Hi Belva,

        I’m so sorry – it seems like you have gone through a lot. You absolutely need to keep a healthy diet, which includes eating the right amount of calories for you. You also need exercise that works best for your situation. This program has great exercises and healthy eating guidelines, but it won’t address any back issues. If you are having trouble with your back, especially to the point where you find it hard to walk, it would be best for you to consult with a physician or someone in the area of expertise who can help with your back. I would do this myself, before jumping into anything.

  8. Are you paid in anyway by Metabolic Renewal or anyone associated with them for this review? Just want to make sure this is an honest review and not “sponsored”.


    1. Hi there Faye,

      I totally understand where you are coming from! No one likes to read fake reviews or be steered in the wrong direction. We are not part of the publisher’s company. However, Not One Rival does contain posts with affiliate links. Products bought through those links could provide a small commission. This always comes at zero cost to you and helps us keep the site running and producing the best content possible. Reviews here are based on our own opinion. However, we only post reviews of what we believe are the best in thier niche.

      Also, not all products (high marks or not) work-out the same for each individual and we cannot promise results. Our full disclosure is noted in the footer below. I hope this helps and wish you the best on your journey.

      Claudia V.

  9. Hi. I stumbled upon the Metabolic Renewal video and took the hormone quiz.

    For me (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) the quiz didn’t include all options for answers to the questions or it was not inclusive of women who have had a total hysterectomy and how that affects what organs are left in their body to control their hormones.

    After my hysterectomy, I was not perimenopausal anymore. I was in what they call “surgical menopause.”

    It wasn’t a state of menopause that comes on gradually over the years.

    It is a “HELLO! I’M HERE!” “full on every symptom of menopause that you can have” state of menopause.

    I tried Bioidentical HRT with compounded creams, etc.

    I was only delaying the inevitable and could only safely be on them for so long anyway.

    I was 48 then and now 10 years later I am post menopausal.

    I used to have a pear shaped body and now it’s an apple shape.

    I hate it.

    The quiz results told me I was a #6 – Ovarian Hormone type.

    I don’t know if following the recommended program for a #6 Ovarian Hormone type body will work well because I don’t have any ovaries, uterus, tubes, etc. and I don’t believe in menopause anymore. I believe I’m post menopausal.

    I don’t know if Dr. Jade has any program for that because I wasn’t given the opportunity in the quiz to explain that.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for your response.



    1. Hi there JoAnn,

      Thanks for stopping by to comment. I know that other readers will find your perspective helpful. A couple of things about the quiz. It won’t have a specific answer to everyone’s scenarios because there are so many different variables to think about. The Quiz was designed to build starting point for people who are considering following his program. The video at the end of the quiz (its long) goes into the details of what that starting point is. It will tailor over time as you progress through the course.

      I can’t say for sure that he has something else that would work specifically for you, but I know they are pretty responsive to inquiries about the program. If you wanted to reach out to them directly, you can connect with them through the link below. They might be able to help you drill down to exactly what you need.

      Contact – email, live chat and phone number

      Their FAQ might answer some questions you have that were not covered in our review so check these out too.

      This statement from their FAQ might help:

      Metabolic Renewal is guaranteed to improve your health and tap into your female metabolic advantage. For most people that comes along with significant weight loss and energy gain, not to mention improvement in multiple chronic health challenges you may be facing.

      If you happen to be among the few women who do not respond quickly enough to Metabolic Renewal, and you’re impatient, then we’re happy to refund every penny. You have a full 90 days to see the effects for yourself, so by then you’ll need no further proof than your favorite mirror!

      Metabolic Renewal FAQ

      Wishing you the best of luck!

      Claudia V.

  10. Hi. Thanks for the review. Is it ok for someone who is hyper mobile? Can I still jog for 30 minutes a few times and week as I heard impact is good to avoid osteoporosis.

    I am currently on bioidentical hormones and levothyroxine so need to avoid soya. Can I do that with the meal plan?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hey there Farhat,

      Thanks for stopping by. As far as how much you can run per week/day is really up to how you want to fit it in to your daily routine. For me, I’ve always included some sort of running/jogging in my workouts no matter what. I can’t really comment on Osteoporosis, because I am no a physician and it is always best to consult with one if you are doing anything that might cause concern. The meal plan does not lean on supplements or medication and is all-natural. I hope I answered what you were looking for, but if not ping me back in here and I’ll try to help as best I can.


  11. I have had breast cancer & had a full hysterectomy. I am taking natural plant based supplements & eat fruits, veggies & 1 meat a day. How else will this help me?

    1. Hi there April,

      Thanks for stopping by and let me be the first to say “wow” you have gone through quite a lot and I hope all is well for you. I’d say in this instance, it would be best to consult you physician before taking on any program. Best wishes to you.


  12. I had a a kidney transplant and I am at my goal weight but my stomach doesnt look right. Its beens stretched from the kidney an is bigger on one side the other. Also its in my upper abs an stomach an starts a little under my breasts. I also have a back injury and flat feet which makes it hard to workout. I am very low on iron lot of the time so I lack the energy to work out. Would any of this be for me?

    1. Hi there Kayla,

      I’m sorry, it seems that you have been through quite a lot. If it were me, I would without a doubt, contact my physician before diving into any course. That’s the best bet. I wish you the best of everything.

  13. Hi,
    I have just received my pack, and just wondering about tea and coffee? I could not see anything about liquids apart from water.

  14. Hi I am interested in this metabolic renewal program however I am vegetarian (I don’t eat meat of any kind) and in India where lot of food like raspberry doesn’t come. Will this program still work for me?

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